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Model making and other Art


This section is here to show that I am a maker and that I use the skills I have learn over many years to make my Zoetrope's unique and creative.

I began model making in 1998 working for Tom Launton on a film called the Ring and the Seal. I loved the whole process. After the film was finished we went on to assist in making a full size animated T Rex which can be found at Combe Martin wildlife park..and it still works many many moons later!

I have had the good fortune to work on many industrial project including a Tsunami barrier which won the prestigious New York Time innovation  the year award. And I have made many working models using pumps to simulate flood conditions and electronics to give a sense of realism.

I have always used 3d design software as a useful tool and I now own two 3d printers which has opened up a new world to me. I use recycled plastic filament to print my models and biodegradable filament whenever feasible.

I enjoy making many different types of models but if left alone I prefer working with figures both realistic and fantasy.

I will have a go at making anything!

Mermaid tank
great thud copy 2011
J bar 5a
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